IEEE 5G Summit Glasgow, 14 May 2018, University of Strathclyde

The IEEE UK and Ireland VTS Chapter is supporting the IEEE 5G Summit Glasgow, taking place on 14 May at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

This event will be at the leading edge of a 5G technologies, providing coverage of some of the most groundbreaking technical aspects and capabilities of 5G, and some particular usage scenarios such as IoT and enhancing rural connectivity.

The address of the event is: Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD, UK


All are, of course, invited to participate. Because of the costs involved in running this event, registration for participation is required, priced at £40. Registration is available at the following link:

The Agenda, which is currently developing, is available here.

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Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Fan Bai of General Motors Research & Development, USA: “Towards Building an Internet of Vehicles” – 14 December 2017, 2pm, at King’s College London Strand Campus


We are honoured to welcome Dr. Fan Bai, Senior Researcher at General Motors Company Research & Development, to give a VTS Distinguished Lecture at King’s College London on 14 December at 2pm, in room K3.11. This room is located in the King’s College London King’s Building, located at Strand, London WC2R 2LS. IEEE VTS members and others are welcome to attend (for free!), however, attendance will be allowed only based on prior (free) registration—noting that the number of places is limited and there are security requirements at the building. You can register at this link. Registration closes at the end of 1 December UTC.

Please feel free to forward this email to others, for possible participation.

The Title and Abstract of the talk, and Mr. Bai’s biography, are as follows:

Towards Building an Internet of Vehicles.

Recent developments in the automotive industry point to a new emerging domain of connected vehicles, in which vehicles equipped with wireless radios can communicate a wide range of information to each other as well as the Internet infrastructure, including traffic updates, safety notification and infotainment content.

The first half of the talk will focus on how to develop a hybrid network architecture for vehicular networks which combines both the existing cellular infrastructure as well as new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication capabilities. Compared to either a purely centralized cellular-based approach or a purely distributed V2V approach, our proposed hybrid network architecture will improve cost, capacity and robustness.

The second half of the talk will elaborate one particular example of vehicular applications – collaborative automotive sensing, which could be supported by vehicular networks. In collaborative automotive sensing, hundreds of embedded automotive sensors in each vehicle, coupled with online maps and other databases as well as crowd-sourced information from other cars, can jointly assess vehicular surrounding environments and driving contexts, and be used to enhance system performance and provide assistance to vehicle drivers and passengers.

Dr. Fan Bai is a Staff Researcher in the Electrical & Control Systems Lab., Research & Development and Planning, General Motors Corporation, since Sep., 2005. Before joining General Motors research lab, he received the B.S. degree in automation engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1999, and the M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering, from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, in 2005. His current research is focused on the discovery of fundamental principles and the analysis and design of protocols/systems for next-generation vehicular networks, for safety, telematics and infotainment applications.

He received Charles L. McCuen Special Achievement Award from General Motors Corporation in recognition of his accomplishment in area of vehicle-to-vehicle communications for drive assistance & safety. He was featured as “ITS People” in 2014 by IEEE ITS Magazine for his technical contributions to vehicular networks and intelligent transportation systems. He serves as Technical Program Co-Chairs for IEEE WiVec 2007, IEEE MoVeNet 2008, ACM VANET 2011 and ACM VANET 2012, among other leading roles in academic and industry technical conferences. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology and IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, and he also serves as guest editors for IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine and Elsevier AdHoc Networks Journal.

He is a Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE, and a member of the Sigma Xi scientific community.

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Seminar by Prof. Roberto Verdone of the University of Bologna, Italy: “UAV-Aided Mobile Radio Networks” – 21 November 2017 at King’s College London Bush House

The esteemed Prof. Roberto Verdone will be talking at King’s College London on Tuesday 21 November, between 12pm and 1pm, in room BH 5.01. This room is located in the King’s College London Bush House Building (ex. BBC World Service), located at 30 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BG. IEEE VTS members and others are welcome to attend, however, there is a registration system and attendance will be allowed ONLY BASED ON PRIOR REGISTRATION. You can register at the following link. Note that registration closes at the end of 14 November UTC.

The Abstract of the talk, and Prof. Verdone’s biography, are as follows:

The talk will focus on the usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to support service provision in mobile radio networks. The issues of optimal placement, trajectory design and radio resource assignment for fleets of UAVs flying over a terrestrial network, serving UEs when they cannot be served by the terrestrial base stations, are discussed. The talk will mix theoretical and practical aspects of the problems addressed.

Roberto Verdone is Full Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Bologna, where he is affiliated to the Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering Department (DEI). He got his Master and PhD degrees from the University of Bologna in 1991 and 1995, respectively. On April 1st, 1996, he joined CNR (the National Research Council) as a researcher. In 1999 he became Senior researcher of CNR. Then, in 2001, he got his position as Full Professor at the University of Bologna, where he founded a research group named Radio Networks, affiliated to WiLab, the Wireless Communications Laboratory. Currently, he teaches a course named Radio Networks within the international Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Bologna, and two courses taken by students of other Engineering degrees: one named Vehicular Communications, one Project Management and Soft Skills. His research activity is concerned with both infrastructure-based radio networks (Cellular and Mobile Radio Systems, Wireless Local Area Networks) and infrastructure-less radio networks (Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks, the Internet of Things). Main topics investigated in the last ten years are Radio Resource Management for cellular systems, MAC and routing aspects of wireless sensor networks, and network architectures for the Internet of Things. In particular, he is currently active in the field of the integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) in 5G networks, and of UAV-aided networks. He is part of the Networld2020 Expert Group. In such role, in 2015 he was co-editor of a White Paper on “Experimental facilities for 5G in Europe”. He published more than 150 research papers, mostly on IEEE journals or conferences. In 2016 he co-founded IDESIO, an innovative startup offering IoT services through wireless technologies and tools for data analytics and web representation through maps.

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3rd Biennial International Conference on Powertrain Modelling and Control: Testing, Mapping and Calibration

The IEEE VTS UK and Ireland Chapter is supporting the 3rd Biennial International Conference on Powertrain Modelling and Control (PMC 2016,, taking place in Loughborough on the 7-9 September 2016.

Your attendance and participation is encouraged. Note that registration (by 20 August) is required; details on registration (and fees) are here:

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5G NORMA Summer School on 5G Mobile Communications

On behalf of the 5G-PPP 5G NORMA EU Project (, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 5G NORMA 2016 Summer School that will be held at King’s College London, in London, UK from June 20 – 22, 2016. The Summer School is tailored towards engineers and researchers active or interested in virtualized and programmable future mobile networks. The first day is tailored more towards attendees from industry, whereas the last two days are more suitable for Post Doctoral researchers, PhD and Master students. All together, the event is deemed highly suitable for participants from the mobile industry and other organizations (verticals) interested in the area of 5G networks and how this emerging technology can shape their business.

Registration and further information pertaining to the 2016 5G NORMA Summer School is available via the following web link:

Registration using the above link is REQUIRED, although there is no fee for registering and attending the event.

More information on this Summer School can be obtained from the flyer and agenda at this link.

The event will be held in room S -2.18 (note, that is minus 2), the Arthur and Paula Lucas Lecture Theatre of the Strand Building of the King’s College London Strand Campus. This is building “B” in the following link:

Access instructions to the lecture theatre in which the Summer School will be held are at this link.

Note that this Summer School is supported by the IEEE VTS UK and Ireland Chapter, and the IEEE ComSoc UK and Ireland Chapter.

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Mid-June Distinguished Lecture Tour: Prof. Andy Molisch, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (taking place at Bristol University, King’s College London, University of York, University of Edinburgh)

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Andy Molisch, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, will be giving a Distinguished Lecture tour to a number of universities in mid-June, supported by the UK and Ireland Chapter of the VTS. The locations/dates and travel information for his lectures are as follows:

  • Bristol University: Wednesday, June 17, 3pm (early information available here)
    • Note, this lecture will be held in the “Queen’s Building”, Room 1.15. Travel/location information is available here and (a close-up, printable campus map) here.
  • King’s College London: Friday, June 19, 2pm
    • Note, this lecture will be held in the “King’s Building” of King’s College London Strand Campus, Room K3.11. Travel/location information is available here (see building “A” in the lower-most map on this link) and here. Note, the best entrance to use for the King’s College Strand Campus is the one on the South side of the Strand, some 70 m West of the junction with Surrey Street. Internal maps of the Strand Campus are available here. Note that K3.11 is on the third floor. Rooms in King’s ancient and esteemed King’s Building are notoriously difficult to find – please pay careful attention to the maps and the access to the third floor and K3.11 from the second floor.
  • University of York: Monday, June 22, 1pm
    • This lecture will be held in room P/L002 of the Physics/Electronics building. Travel/location information is available here. Further, there will be refreshments available to registered attendees from 12.45pm in the concourse area of the Physics/Electronics Exhibition Centre. This is outside room PT007.
  • University of Edinburgh: Tuesday, June 23, 1pm
    • The lecture will be held in the Kings Buildings campus, James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB), Lecture Theatre C. For travel to the Kings Buildings via car or taxi: Enter gate 4 on Mayfield Road. Parking is available in front of the AGB Building, or follow the road from gate 4 to the left and then take the first right to parking (in front on the main entrance to the JCMB). Lecture Theatre C can be reached from both the 2nd and 3rd floor of the JCMB Building. Further location information for the JCMB is available here and here.

Prof. Molisch will be giving the following talks on this tour:

1) Femto-caching and device-to-device collaboration for wireless video networks (at King’s College London and the University of York)

Abstract: The ongoing explosive increase in the demand for video content in wireless networks requires new architectures to increase capacity without excessive costs. The talk will present a new architecture for solving this problem, exploiting a special feature of video viewing, namely asynchronous reuse. The approach is based on (i) distributed caching of the content in femto-basestations with small or non-existing backhaul capacity but with considerable storage space, called helper nodes, and/or (ii) usage of the wireless terminals themselves as caching helpers, which can distribute video through device-to-device communications. The talk will discuss the fundamental principles, scaling laws for the throughput, as well as practical implementation considerations. The new architecture can improve video throughput by one to two orders-of-magnitude.

2) Channel models and algorithms for massive MIMO (at Bristol University and the University of Edinburgh)

Abstract: Massive MIMO has drawn great attention in the past years, as it promises a dramatic increase in the capacity of multi-user systems, while at the same time simplifying receiver algorithms. However, there are also significant practical challenger, like the cost related to a massive number of RF chains, so that ingenious new algorithms are required for retaining performance while keeping complexity under control. Many of the algorithms are analyzed with very simplified channel models, and it is not immediately obvious whether performance can be retained in more realistic settings. The current talk will first give an overview of channel measurements and modeling specifically for the massive MIMO scenarios. We will then describe a simplified algorithm, called JSDM, that is based on RF preprocessing, and analyze how realistic propagation conditions impact its performance, and how it can be modified to adapt to such conditions.

His biography is as follows:

Andreas F. Molisch is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Communication Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His current research interests are the measurement and modeling of mobile radio channels, ultra-wideband communications and localization, cooperative communications,multiple-input–multiple-output systems, wireless systems for healthcare, and novel cellular architectures. He has published 4 books, 16 book chapters, 170 journal papers, 250 conference papers, as well as 80 patents, and 70 standards contributions.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the AAAS, Fellow of the IET, an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, and a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He has received numerous awards, most recently the Donald Fink Prize of the IEEE, and the Eric Sumner Award of the IEEE.

We look forward to your attendance to these lectures! Note that attendance will be free of charge. More detail will be announced in the near future, including aspects such as travel information, and possible (free) registration requirements, among others.

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IEEE ICC 2015 in London, 8-12 June 2015

We are delighted to inform that our VTS chapter has been contributing significantly to the organisation of IEEE ICC 2015, held in London on the 8-12 June, at ExCeL London ( Our chapter is supporting the conference. Your attendance of ICC is encouraged, although note that you must register (paid registration) to attend here:

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